After coming across this, testing it, and implementing... I have to say wow!  The web continues to improve and our options keep getting better and better!

Cloudflare's free tier has long offered a free SSL layer that they can present, but it was somewhat limited and initially I didn't pay much attention.  Recently I revisited and found that it is working quite well and in fact some people have put together cool options.  Unfortunately, out of the box Joomla would not have made it easy... 

Until Simbunch put together a great tool to make this a simple plug and play matter!  


Why is this important?


Simple: Google is going to make it an issue.  Not only are they rewarding sites that offer SSL, but soon Chrome configurations are going to make it obvious that the site you are on is not secured.  They are pushing the issue, and we will all have to react.

Further still why?

Because SSL certs for a small site would be onerous and not particularly practical.  By leveraging free SSLs using the techniques above, we can secure even small single purpose sites.